Let’s hear it for the boys…

I recognize that I am TOTALLY TERRIBLE – but the truth is, when I see baby boys (say 1 – 3 years old) I just think they are inherently WAY MORE DORKY and lame than their female counterparts. Walkin’ all stompy zombie like, bad haircuts, clothes with trucks or hockey sticks on them in retina-searing primary colors, or decked out like mini “business casual” dads. (Don’t get me started on those monogrammed Ralph Lauren button downs on infants!) Anyhoo — I’m not sure if any of the clothes below are much better, but I think they are a step in the right direction!

Vintage striped sweater with farm motif - $10

German Lederhosen 4T - $15.99

If you are going to be a dork- at least be a 1930’s era dork! (FYI – I don’t think these are dorky at all)

Vintage 1920s suspendered WOOL shortpants 3-4T $23

Paired with a jean jacket and some chucks? Could be very awesome.

Vintage Baby Boy Shorts Outfit Set- 2 piece, 12 Months - $14

Yes- there is a sport motif but the color scheme is cute and it’s believably BABY-LIKE.

Vintage Baby Boy Corduroy suit 9-12m $11

Manages to be “semi-formal” without suggesting your son has an interview at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind after his nap. Throw a Mini Rodini shirt underneath, leave the jacket unbuttoned – you’re good to go.

And on the NON-vintage tip…

Nico Nico Circle tee $38

This shirt is amazing!!

Mini Rodini 'fruit monkey' sweatshirt $68

“Little Sailor” slipper socks in knitted material with a non-slippery and aerated PVC sole $31

Classic lace-up boots $69

Made in France. Natch.

Au revoir pour maintenant!


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