Transmissions from Joanie…

Virginia is just having a chatty day!

“On the bus V pointed out the emergency exit and goes ‘When you bump your knee and go to the hospital? THAT’S an emergency!'”

“V just pointed at a big old hair extension on the sidewalk and exclaimed ‘Yikes, somebody forgot their hair!’ ”

“V wants me to tell you that she spat indoors today and that she will never say she is sorry. Message transmitted!”


3 responses to “Transmissions from Joanie…

  1. V and the worm match! So adorable.

  2. Though I’ve refrained from actual SPIT…I am usually spitting mad indoors. And I’m never saying I’m sorry!

  3. her internet presence slays me! i can only imagine the hilarity you experience on the daily while living with this small lady!

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