We haven’t talked SHOP in a while…

It’s time for more things, things and things! (A digression: I had been thinking about starting a tumblr called ‘Ain’t No Thing’ where I would post daily about an experience/ sight/ sound/ smell /idea or concept as a way to force myself to consider stuff that can’t be purchased or otherwise consumed – but then I most likely got distracted by snacks or having to check my eBay watchlist or something. We’ll see what happens with that though!)

sailor knot flouncy caracole skirt (6m to 6 years) -made to order - $48

Vintage sweater dress - 3T/4T - $25


Vintage girls dress - 3T/4T - $10!


Love Your Family 8x10 print - $22


Black and brown Oktoberfest plaid jonjon 3/4t - $8

(Guess I gotta start thinking about boys now. Sheesh)

"Gold Birthdates" necklace with 2 Discs on 14k gold filled Rope Chain - $70


Trio of Petite Cinema Bow Hair Pins - $16


1960s Colorblock Turquoise White Cotton Summer Dress, sz 6 - $14




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