Kid update!

So, Virginia likes to weigh herself a lot. She gets on the scale and shouts, “How weigh are me?!” (which is kind of weird since this is one of only a few bad grammatical errors she makes anymore) but she are weighs 33lbs. A few weeks ago she weighed 34lbs though so I guess she must be on a diet. I dunno, we hardly talk anymore, you know?

JK, guys! We talk all the time! Like just last night when she was STILL UP at 11:30pm playing a game with her new foam blocks. She was chucking specific shapes across the room while taking great care to properly place other shapes delicately on top of a cardboard box. “Are you getting rid of all the small ones?”


“The ones that are too big?”

NO! I need the big ones! I am setting up the big ones like *this* and the small ones like *this.* (throws more blocks)

“What’s wrong with THOSE blocks?”


So there you have it.

She is also maybe sorta kinda starting to understand about the forthcoming baby. Tonight in the bath she was using her little watering can to “water the baby” and I told her the baby liked that and she could water him when he comes out. She looked confused so I said that pretty soon he would come out and live in our house and go “wahhhhh” a lot.

WHAT? Are you serious?

“Yes! He’s coming out in about 12 weeks. Before summer!”


“Well he can’t stay in there forever! He has to come out.”

Can he come in the bath?

“Yes. He can come in the bath with us.”


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