It’s a Boy!!!

The new baby will be a boy. My body decided.

Mike and I have been working on our name list and weighing the pros and cons of circumcision. Cons = owee? Pros = conforming, “good enough for the Chosen People!”, teenage girls of the future not going “ewwwwww” when he takes off his pants, no weird flaps I have to lift and clean under / reduction of possible Oedipal complex situation, less dog-like.

What else?! It’s been so long!

family pic at Thanksgiving (Pardon my cowgirl stance?)

V at one of her new fave playgrounds - "Space Park"

I dyed my hair a ridiculous shade of orange-red that is finally growing on me, Virginia helped me bake and decorate some Christmas cookies while being extremely cute about it.
“We can do team work, Mommy! Like Yo Gabba Gabba.” “We’re doing TEAMWORK! I’m helping!”

We also got a tree. Everyday she admires it and says “so beautiful” and points it out to me, Mike, Joanie, and asks if we like it. She likes to talk to the ornaments and re-arrange them and steals the candy canes and try to eat them through the plastic. Tonight Grammy is coming over “to see my tree???!!!” and put the nug to bed as Mike and I will be at my company’s holiday party at Ai Fiori – a restaurant I’ve been eager to gorge at!

Other funny things:

V says ‘hostiple’ for hospital, talks constantly about going to “her office” to “see her boss” and answers questions with “Fer sure” now but then immediately says “Why I say fer sure!?” which makes it even more cute and hilarious.


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