Tough girl

One of my favorite movies is the original ‘The Parent Trap’ (1961) starring Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills as Susan and Sharon – a pair of twins who accidentally meet at camp, hate each others guts, play awful pranks on each other (my favorite is where Susan (or Sharon) cuts out the back of Sharon’s (or Susan’s?) fancy dress and she dances with her beau with her panties hangin’ out.) Grrr!! Finally some no-nonsense administrator forces them to bunk together where they realize Oopsie doodle- we have the same mama! They hatch a plan to switch places, with carefree California-girl Susan packing up for a stuffy Boston manor, and prissy Sharon heading out to her stranger dad’s sprawling ranch house out west. Adventure ensues… as if you haven’t seen this movie right?

Well if you haven’t – here’s a darling little musical number from it. Once Susan and Sharon get busted/ out themselves and everyone meets up in California, the twins put on a dinner show in hopes of re-kindling the flames that once existed between their now estranged parents.

Super cute, I know.

But the main reason I am bringing this up is that all through the movie the girls use really quaint turns of phrase to express their distaste like, “I’m so angry I could SPIT!” This always struck me as funny because, although I have been all types of angry in my life, I have never thought “oh if I could just expectorate, this whole situation would be vastly improved.”

But apparently Virginia has! Virginia’s go-to expression of distaste is spitting on the floor and it just burns me up. We have had discussions about spitting and where it should occur. Into the sink, in the toilet, or outside (if she must) and yet she is frequently flying into rages over denial of popsicles and resorting to spitting on the ottoman, the floor, the end table…

Mike and I make her get a paper towel and clean up her spit and remind her that it’s very nasty but she is just so mad… she must SPIT!! What can be done?? I mean, Susan and Sharon turned out all right.


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