Fight the Frump!

Being pregnant can and should be a sexy time where you can relax your stomach muscles and bliss out on your future baby. Don’t let bad fashion choices spoil your good time!

I remember my friend Jill revolutionized bump fashion in our office so hard that every day was a new opportunity to be like “oh COME ON- you look better than all the non-pregnant girls!” Incidentally, Jill was due like 8 days ago with her second child, but her babies are ULTRA COZY and never want to come out- and who can blame them?? They want to stay stylin’ in those body conscious sweaters with the neat skinny belt that perfectly accentuates their divine architecture. She continues to inspire me to step up my game.

Anyway, since I have like a bunch of preg friends right now and will most likely be pregged myself soon enough, here are three recent finds that will keep you from looking like a dowdy prisoner in a Ukranian baby-selling ring.

ASOS Maternity Smock Dress With Contrast Trim - $64

It’s Pan Am stewardess meets …well, meets a drunk dentist in seat 4A and discovers a few months later that she can no longer perform the seat-belt demonstration

Ponte pencil skirt - $36

A classic pencil skirt can be worn a bajillion ways! Tuck something in, empire-waist style… wear a slim sweater over it and belt it, have fun with Hermes scarves… and black is oh-so-slimming!

ASOS Maternity Lace Edge Long Line Tunic - $55

Holy NSFW!? I love this bountiful milk-maid vibe here. In fact, speaking of milk maids, it’d probably make a great nursing top as well.


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