Vacation time!

Mike, Virginia and I just got back from our summer trip to Toronto to visit family and pallies! It was action-packed and full of child nudity, lake swimming, pizza eating, family napping, and staying up past bedtime. Here are some pictures and a video below!

Fully asleep

Not lactating! Swear! I just got up close and personal with V's wet swimsuit a minute earlier...

At Maris' BBQ in Innisfil

Relaxing with a roadside cone

Watering plants at the Evergreen Brick Works

In Scarborough with cousin Emma.

Virginia LOVES Cheryl. The cookies didn't hurt either


One response to “Vacation time!

  1. “uh oh, mommy spent too much on fancy tea!”

    so glad you guys came and that i had the opportunity to meet her!
    i will be less awkward and nervous around her next time 😉
    also, i can see why v likes cheryl! she’s a stellar small-town babe!

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