Shades on

Kids are always squinting or whining about the sun in their eyes but the little boogers never want to keep hats, kerchiefs or sunglasses on*!

*or they break them in 2 seconds.

A fine and dandy solution? Tape their eyelids shut with surgical gauze! I mean… keep trying out new and stylish ways of duping them into protecting their peepers.

One such way is with my friend Molly’s creation: BABIATORS. Molly’s an expectant mama, a brainiac, and most inspirationally for this endeavor- the wife of a US Marine F/A-18 fighter pilot! Babiators are colorful, kid-size, BPA-free, and all that good stuff, but my favorite part is that they are made of durable RUBBER. It says on the box they are virtually indestructable but I had to find out for myself- and dang it, I’ve twisted ’em, bent the arms all the way out, squished the bridge of the nose…and they magically return to their previous shape, no hard feelings.

If you think some red or blue glasses will add a little patriotic flare to your squirt’s summer look- uh.. you’re right! And this week is the perfect time to seize opportunity by the diaper and buy a pair or two for the important kids in your life!

Babiators wants to help spread this patriotic cheer by offering a discount code to use during the holiday.

From July 2nd-5th only, the coupon code BABIATORS4TH will give Til There Was You readers 25% off purchases of their festive Rockstar Red and Blue Angels Blue sunglasses when purchasing from!


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