She wants…

Miss Virginia has heretofor not ASKED for anything by name – well except from the obvious food requests- like waking up each morning and mumbling “ROGUT SNACKKSSSSS” (yogurt snacks) before I even am able to unglue my eyelids from one another. Seriously- this morning I told her we were out of yogurt snacks and she wimpered for 20 minutes. What ARE those things??? Toddler crack.

Anyhoo, this morning, when she finally got over the lack of yogurt snacks, she looked up at me and said quietly, “I wanta doll house.” And it was the cutest thing I ever heard. Her earnest little face! “I know you do, my love. We’re working on it.”

Here’s the thing though. *I* want a doll house. So I can’t just get her some cruddy cheap dollhouse (that she would probably be thrilled with) I need to bankrupt myself or spend the next 87 evenings hunched over 100,000 small wooden parts while glue fumes cook my brain so that we end up with something like this…

or this…

or this…

Why am I such a jerk?!


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