This video is the closest thing Virginia has to a religion- and her devotion to it is unwavering and joyous.

And, as I found out when we had a playdate on Saturday night (with a little girl named Georgia Wallace, incidentally) this video is part of an epidemic (the amount of reaction videos on youtube is astounding!) and Georgia’s parents don’t even utter the ‘E’ word around their house out of fear of inciting a furry, red riot.

What is it about Elmo that drives kids absolutely bonkers?? A modern shaman we know suggested that the color red , the most energized on the spectrum, targets the pineal gland, which is still growing in children Virginia’s age, and is believed, at least by Descartes, to be the “seat of the soul”…

And here I was thinking it was just the high voice!


One response to “Melmo

  1. Jane LOVES this video too. We saw Elmo ONCE at a neighbors house and she never stopped asking for him. So we appease with youtube…

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