Get an old straw hat, a suit of overalls, and a worn out pair of shoes…

Mike and I have been on a Shirley Temple kick lately. I am extremely lucky that my husband would much rather cuddle and snack with me on the couch and be crushed under their weight of ST’s devastating cuteness than watch sports – and I pity those Football widows everyday, really I do. But I digress!

It all started with us watching one of *my* childhood faves ‘Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm’ last week.

Awesome songs- and the great tap number above. Plus Shirley has pig tails throughout a large portion of the movie and people are frequently falling into mantraps or getting wacked on the butt with loose floorboards.

Next up was ‘Stowaway’ which featured an hilarious portrayal of China in the late 30s, and the ever-motherless Temple hitching a ride with a handsome and exceedingly-rich and child-friendly bachelor aborad a luxury cruise ship where there happen to be a bunch of amazing clothes in her size. She gets adopted by aforesaid bachelor once he meets and marries a blonde beauty also on board the ship. Hooray!

Then we watched ‘Just Around the Corner’ where motherless Shirley wears an Aunt Jemima-style hankerchief and cooks for her daddy who has fallen on hard times. Ever the optimist she claims to have never liked their penthouse apartment and that their current digs in the boiler room of their luxury building are just great. Since this one was kinda short on songs, I pretty much tuned out for a lot of it- I think her dad gets the greenlight to develop some real estate project across town thanks to the meltable curmudgeon who lives in her former pad. Hooray!

Last night we watched ‘Susanah of the Mounties’ – which Mike chose- for obvious reasons. It was soooper politically incorrect with regards to the “red man” and in one scene Shirley gets totally stoned while smoking “the pipe of peace” with a misogynist tweenage “Chief.” Then she tells a bunch of Indians to eff off and eventually rescues her Mounty crush / father figure from being burned alive. Wild!

Oh what will be next??? Netflix sadly does not have 1936’s ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ and it’s a dang shame!

In non-Shirley Temple-related video news, the nuggie has *also* been finding her way onto the screen. Behold!


One response to “Get an old straw hat, a suit of overalls, and a worn out pair of shoes…

  1. more shirley temple reviews haha yes. your daughter has grown it’s been awhile. so great!

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