Small Fries Gift Guide – but wait, there’s more!

clementine art gift set - $18

Set of three, all natural, beautifully packaged art supplies. There’s modelling dough, markers, and your choice of either cream crayons or crayon rocks.

Clothespin girl magnets - $18.00

If you have a kid who is heavily into a magnet phase (like mine) or a doll phase (like many others) then these fashionable little girls seem like a good bet!

Sad Joe pillow - $99

Sad Joe is knit from 100% soft alpaca from the folks at Lucky Boy Sunday of Denmark. How big is he? Well I am terrible at metric, so how’s “knee high to a three year old”?

Lundby Stockholm Dollhouse - $204.95

I am going on a diet today so that maybe by summer I can move into this house. Yes- All the chairs, bathroom fixtures and glamorous inhabitants are sold separately but that’s half the fun! (Plus they can party down in your newly built fairy garden)

Barbapapa rocker - $209

Like the Kido store says, “It’s pink, it rocks, and we love it!” That about sums it up.

Vilac Octopus kite - $20.95

It’s red, it’s an octopus, and it flies! Also- it is cheap and awesome.

Rocko Flake Sled - $12

Easy to store and made of 100% recycled plastic!


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