Happy Thanksgiving, kind wee pilgrims!

Around the Mann-Wallace household we think birds are for imitating, not eating!

My friend Helena turned me on to some awesome vegetarian recipes for a hot and hearty holiday meal. I am eager to make the stuffed portobellos and they’ll probably travel well to dinner in New Jersey, with a quick detour to my grandma’s oven.

Also on my “I have to bring my own food to this holiday and all others” menu is a simple quinoa salad and these iced pumpkin cookies. Yum!!

Still not convinced it is Thanksgiving without the bird? Why not learn more about how commercially bought turkeys are treated and raised and decide whether it jives with your philosophy of ‘thankfulness.’



One response to “Happy Thanksgiving, kind wee pilgrims!

  1. YUM! That stuff looks amazing!
    Due to the fact that organic, free-range turkeys cost close the same as if we were to buy a baby, we had a turkey-free Canadian Thanksgiving this year! We made butternut squash ravioli! It was delicous and I didn’t miss the bird at all.

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