Great Buys for Small Fries – Part 1

6 Kitty Egg Upcycled Crayons - $18

“Kitty Egg Crayons are the perfect introduction to color for small toddler hands. Explore the different sides of the Kitty Egg to make different strokes (use the ears for double lines and fine points and the sides of the body for broad strokes). Each Kitty Egg is made from 7-8 non-toxic crayons with no paper wrappers or broken stubs to worry about. Kitty Egg Crayons are made to be long lasting and durable!”

Customized wood walking blocks - $40

Do my fond memories of these mean I am 100 years old? Well look, when you’re only 3 feet tall, the idea of being 3″ taller is a pretty big deal. Falling on your face was pretty cool too.

Hug A Cloud - $25

Made of incredibly soft bamboo felt, this sweet cloud would be perfect as a doll for hugging and squeezing or as a nap-time pillow for some light and fluffy dreams. It measures around 18″ tall and can be GENTLY hand-washed with mild soap and cold water.

Bib and Matching Washcloth Set - $16

Sure- a handknit bib with coordinating bow-tie and matching washcloth may *seem* a bit over the top but they are made out of 100% cotton and are machine washable/dryable. Check out the whole shop and pick your favorite colors and themes!

TEETHING TOY - natural wooden teether for infants - $12

Little Teething Toys are the ideal first toy for babies to grasp and chew. Each Africa continent is sanded satin smooth, left unfinished and measures 3.75″ from north to south. They have pretty much every state and country imaginable so you can get all patriotic.

3 letter Monogrammed Ornament - $9.50

You can choose the letter color and dot colors to suit your fancy. Well hoo hee hoo!

Vintage Sterling Tiny Heart Necklace - $20

In very good shape. Chain measures approximately: 15″, the heart is 1/4″ across.

CABANE hut and frame from 240.80 €

It’s a house! It’s a sweater! It’s a fantastically stylish European sweater house!


Red Rocking Horses cardigan, booties and hat set - $89

Baby’s first Christmas? Make it special with this handmade hypoallergenic knit set. Fits up to 12 months.

hand-felted lamb and wolf baby booties - $48

Entirely natural and environmentally friendly, these hand felted and hand-embroidered baby booties are made on a Vermont farm! Each pair comes with a little picture book introducing May, their Border-Leicester ewe (and generous provider of this nice wool). I wish they came in ‘elephant size’ for me!

Hand Knit Raccoon Tail Hat - $18

Hand knit in easy machine washable acrylic yarn(shape and lay flat to dry). The hat is raccoon striped and has a polyfill stuffed raccoon tail sewn securely onto the base of the back of the hat.
Comes in a variety of sizes for kids 1-6.

Hand Knit Children's Raccoon Scarf - $29

A perfect companion to the Davy Crockett hat- get the ‘explorer’ look without the cruelty!
This little raccoon has a black button nose, two button eyes, two cute, little ears, a soft striped raccoon tail and two hind legs. It measures 42 inches in length and is 4.75 inches wide.


One response to “Great Buys for Small Fries – Part 1

  1. your writing is the best ebeth “Well hoo hee hoo!” tops. keep it up. also, corner the mmmy blogger market and quit your desk job you are the martha stewart of “hip”.

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