Grab bag

Sometimes the baby launches what can only be described as a THERMONUCLEAR BROWN. Who knows if it has to do with faulty diaper application (user error) or just the force and angle of the emergence… but Christ on a business trip! It’s insane. We have to basically just throw her in the bathtub and spray her with bleach. Hmm, I guess I really shouldn’t spend a whole blog entry talking about poo. Sorry about that. And sorry if you were reading this at lunch.

Moving on! Yet another weekend went by where Mike and I did not take our family xmas card photo. We completely borked the opportunity last year and I am determined to succeed this time around. I even found this awesome Etsy vendor who makes custom felt portraits out of photographs and I would like to immortalize our family thusly.

But how I would really like to immortalize V (besides making her, you know, immortal) is in one of these pendants. Nice right? No diamonds though, too tacky.

Which reminds me! I’ll be doing a SMALL FRIES HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE later. America was stupid to ever worry about Communism taking hold here- have you SEEN how much cute stuff there is to buy here?- no one could ever go back.


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