Gardening for Tinies

Living in New York City for a billion years (net), it’s safe to say I am sufficiently garden-starved. I LOVE greenery, but I hem and haw about whether it’d be cooler to live in a “real house” with a “yard” or to not live in a place where the only restaurant is a Chili’s. You know?? Cities are cool too! It’s a tough call!

But if you’re weird like me and experiencing a similar “longing for shrubs”, maybe you’d enjoy creating a …

dunh dunh dunh…


I’m obsessed with fairy gardens, y’all. They are mini magical places with plants and tiny things that allow you to pretend you are a small fairy and not an underpaid assistant project manager living in a studio in Elmhurst. Like a dollhouse, but more alive. From my intense research which consisted of approximately one google search, it would seem fairy gardens come in several sizes. There’s ‘lush’, ‘wee’, ‘tiny’ and ‘teensy tinesy’.

Below are some cool fairy gardens and places where you can buy tiny plants and mini stuff to make your own!


Oh hell-ooo!

Is it FALL in your fairy garden? Hmm?

A white picket fence for $2.95

fairy bed!

And you couldn’t do much without the plants…

Mini bedding plants has lots of micro plants that can thrive in the sun, in the shade and even indoors.

If I have an opening in my hobby schedule, this is definitely a top consideration despite Virginia’s destiny as DESTROYER OF FANTASY REALMS. Okay, so, why don’t you build one too and then my fairies can have sleepovers at your place and vice versa, okay?


4 responses to “Gardening for Tinies

  1. this is such an awesome idea, it is blowing my mind right now!

  2. Love these tiny gardens!

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  4. Hi and thanks for the shoutout! LOVE your analogy of the different sizes of fairy gardens – made me laugh! Let me know if you need anything…. – Fairy Hugs, Janit

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