In a world gone mad…

The nuggy shall save us all!

It’s been a while since I updated. Well let’s see. Virginia won the Costume Contest – Baby Division on Halloween with her ‘l’il Frenchman’ get-up.


I am a mean mom and didn’t allow her to have any candy at all! (She didn’t notice) Sometimes we share a wedge of chocolate from one of those Terry’s Orange things …

…and it becomes like a chocodrool massacre.

She has mastered saying BYE BYE and likes to say it while waving to pee in the toilet. (I’ve been saying “bye” to the pee pee lately as part of my “Introduction to the Miracles of Womanhood” potty-training curriculum) But she also says bye-bye to her diapers, which she enjoys carrying to the garbage can and depositing therein.

She loves plain yogurt with bananas and honey all mushed up in it. She loves to scribble with her crayons (in the highchair only!!) She loves to climb up on tables and then stand on them and yell. She loves squirrels.

She views beans with suspicion – she isn’t quite sure they are food.

She is curious about her toothbrush but thinks the idea is to get it wet and then suck all the water off it, then chew it.

She likes to touch our eyelashes, then all of our noses, then all of our teeth, then our tongues- that way she knows that all our critical face parts are safe, and roughly the same – so we must be okay.


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