A nug of our own

Nuggie New Food Report:

The youngster has decided to like hard boiled egg whites! I cut them up to look like big teeth. Scary!

She has also decided to become a pizzawolf like her mother. There is a new pizza place in our neighborhood and it is surprisingly NOT terrible. What??

Smoothies. This baby says “What, you think you can go to a smoothie place and not get me one too? Is it because I am SMALL?”

Playtime Report:

The nuggie sometimes goes to three parks in one day. Spoiled much??! Her favorite thing is practicing going up and down stairs.

Her other favorite thing is “echoes.” She likes to yelp underneath the 7 train where the good echoes hide. (Note to people who will be making the trip – the truly best echo spot is closer to the 33rd street station, right underneath the light fixture in each vaulted zone)

Other great games include “water smear” “toy spasm” and “throw stuff in the bathtub”

Language Report:

So far it’s “dog” for sure (pronounced “UHH!”)
“BAH BAH” which means bye-bye / bottle / or baby depending on the situation (I think?)
“MEH MEH” which contrary to popular belief does not mean “mama” but “meow meow” as in a cat

She can’t tell you what she wants when she points in its general direction but she can tell you what she *doesn’t* want by shaking her head “no” – which is pretty helpful. Except that what she wants is usually a pen to destroy things with. Or coffee. The kid LOVES coffee.


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