Proud Missus

It has been a while since I just posted to say how great Mike is and I’m overdue. Last month, after a week of picking up my copy of ‘Eating Animals’, turning to a random page and reading it the second I walked away from the book for any reason (a very common trend that I actually find pretty aggravating) I invited him to ACTUALLY READ IT but warned him that if he DID read it – I would hold him to a much higher standard as regards eating.

He took it with him the next day and read the whole thing between classes on his last day of Real Estate school. He came home and announced he was not going to eat meat anymore.

“…Fuck it. I don’t need to eat meat anymore. What am I really missing? Garbage?”

I started to cry. I never pressured him to stop eating meat but inside I desparately wished for him to come around. I know it must be hard to make that switch as an adult – especially for a burger lover like Mike – so I am really touched by it. Not to mention I know he’s going to feel so much better without that suffering in his life.

Oh! And he passed his RE license exam and starts a new job today!! He is the best husband and dad a wife could ask for.


One response to “Proud Missus

  1. Hey Mike! You don’t HAAVE to not eat meat, you can just eat better meat, and not as much of it!! 😉

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