Baby on Baby

Our friend Jill was in town from Champaign (it feels weird saying that, since she is not *from* Champaign – I know her only as a New Yorker – and she’s not technically one of those either. Let’s just say she defies geography…)

Anyway- Jill’s being in town meant JANE being in town. Miss Jane was the 2nd installment of the workplace baby boom that ended (but for how long!?) with Courtney’s Miss Frankie (#4).

J&J came over on a Saturday and we went to play in Hudson River Park and check out the awesome carousel that they have there. The babes had fun riding various ‘animals of the Hudson Valley’ and playing in the grass. Virginia however became increasingly suspicious of Jane’s baby sounds and ended up bursting into tears everytime Jane “said” anything. It was weird! V is very familiar with loud noises so the only thing I can think of is that she felt they were *directed* at her- like Jane was yelling at her. Who knows. Thankfully, Jane didn’t seem to take it personally.

Jill snapped most of the pictures below with the exception of the carousel ones, snapped by Mike, and which he excused thusly, “Sorry I took such bad pictures of the carousel, it’s hard! It moves very fast – it’s not that I am a bad father.”

V looks peeved!

If any of you haven’t yet been to the northern sprawl of Hudson River Park I highly recommend- bigger grassy areas than it’s West Village counterpart and a skate park and carousel too!


One response to “Baby on Baby

  1. We loved that park trip! Hopefully V will warm up to the thought of another playdate when we can visit again? We love you ladies. And Mike too.

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