The Young Sophisticate

I really vacillate between thinking it’s creepy to dress babies and young kids up like adults…and thinking it’s insanely cute. The following selections may be a bit grown-up but then again, I have been known to spritz perfume on my baby so who am I?!

Pocket Tipped Cardigan - Janie and Jack - $35.99

Scalloped sweater tank - Janie and Jack - $16.99

Mallard Duck Sweater - $68

APRIL SHOWERS Domino leather satchel - 75.25 €

APC black bow skirt - from 133.78 €

Hucklebones - Brixton Velvet dress - from 69.40 €

Kico Kids- Hush Frilly Skirt - from 104.52 €

LE MONT ST MICHEL - wool cape - from 217.39 €

Max & Lola trench coat - from 234.11 €

Paul Smith Junior - Cotton floral cardigan - from 75.25 €

Ciao for now!


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