Park Project

Mike has decided our family goal is to visit every park in New York with the young nuggle. Labor Day weekend included old neighborhood standby: Lance Corporal Thomas P. Noonan Jr. Playground (not really a park – and while we’re at it – not much of a playground either) and Sunset Park in Brooklyn which was my mom’s go-to park when she was a kid.

Sunset Park is awesome! It’s the second highest point in Brooklyn and offers an amazing view of that section of the borough and to the water beyond. Virginia enjoyed the slides in the playground (divided into “big kids” and “little kids” sections by a weird metal curlicue that was inscrutable even to young, imaginative types like our daughter.) The best part though was the wide open grass space at the top of the hill where V could just run free and watch people releasing these super-long tube balloons that whirred, and spun and made glorious fart noises skyward. Other highlights were: swinging the baby, hammock-style, inside a grey flannel blanket as she laughed her face off. The park looks like it could use a serious cash injection to restore it to it’s former glory. The pool area was pretty dirty and forlorn, the rubber tiles in the playground could use a good scrub, and the landscaping was in need of a reboot. Anyway- totally worth the trip and we’ll be going back once we knock a few more off our list…

We also hit up the playground at Union Square Park which is geared toward a slightly older babe but V still really had fun climbing and people-watching and swinging. Have I mentioned how these climbing structures give me heart attacks? The baby’s desire to be a “big kid” currently outstrips her ability and consequently her “playing” involves a never-ending succession of rescues where Mike or I prevent her from killing herself. It’s exhilirating.

On the park to do list is: Van Cortlandt in the Bronx, Prospect Park (Virginia has been here but not since she was ONE WEEK old so I think it’s worthy of exploration) and some of those lush wonders they’ve got tucked away in Staten Island, borough of mystery (or regret?) Perhaps I’ll whip a formal hit list and post that… just thinkin’ out loud here. Carry on!


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