Etsy faves for young sprogs

I am seriously going to explode when I have 2 thin dimes to scrape together again. The world is just filled with too much cuteness! (also: tragedy, wrongdoing, mosquitos, and Skechers)

Anyway -until that time I give to you what is, at this very moment, unattainable. Also, I have sadly learned that there will never come a time when I will have everything on earth I desire all at once forever and ever, nor will Virginia stay the same size for more than 6 hours- so party on.

Grey Mary Janes from the '70s - size 9.5 - $38

Vintage Girls Blue Tassle Shirt, Size 7 - $5

Vintage Holiday Flutter Apron, 12-24 Months - $13.50

Vintage Little Girls Prairie Dress Size 4T - $14

1960s blue suede cowboy vest - $64

Grey print dress - $22

Lavender Pouf Ruffled Dress sz 4 - $20

Little Girl Bowl - $10

Little Blue Edelweiss dress - sz 4- $12

Blue mushroom pillow - $22

vintage rollerskating panda bear cardigan sz 3T - 4T - $16

1980s Jordache JUGGLING CLOWNS Ruffle Swimsuit - Girls 6 - $14

Vintage 1950s Pink Bunny Sunsuit, 2T - $16.50

80s Snow Man Stocking Cap - $6

Vintage Toddler Flower Print Shirt (2-3T) - $13

Orange and Grey Cheerleader Dress - $13.50

Crocheted Child's Cotton Beaded Necklace - $35

Vintage Little Orphan Annie Pin - $7.95

Cherry Felt Necklace / Headdress - $20

flower hair bobby pins - $14.50

Live my dreams, dawgs!


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