Last week Virginia was going through her morning vocal exercises in her crib while Mike and I clung to the last tendrils of pseudo-sleep in our nest. When Mike finally went into her room to get her up and dressed, he was surprised to find such a liberated baby.

“Oh babe… I think you better come in here.”
“Wait- why? Is it bad?”
“Um. It’s interesting.”

There was the little bulu, standing and smiling, naked as a jaybird- soaked G-diaper tossed into the middle of her room along with sandwich cat and her pillow. Thankfully that was the worst of it- the young elfkin just wanted to feel the breeze on her wee bum and it must have been a fairly recent development because her sheets were dry.

A few days later however, daddy put her down in just a G-diaper and again she freed herself from it- this time producing a halo of urine around her cherubic form. Oops! We used the steam shark on the mattress and let it dry out for a few hours while we dressed the nug up in silly outfits and took pictures.


One response to “Airbum

  1. Oh yeah, our youngest has done the airbum thing too. She takes off her clothes and her nappy, and then folds them up and puts them under her pillow. After that, she smiles, laughs, and dances. No weeing on her bed though. One time, she was calling out, and when I got into the room, she said, “wee wee! toilet!” – and she held on until we got to the bathroom.

    As for Virginia….she’s so gorgeous.

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