Long time no blog!

I swear I don’t have World Cup fever- my brain has just gone pure Kristin Stewart, which is to say, dull and half-dead looking. (Sorry but I cannot stand her expressionless face and terrible “acting”) But I digress! What of small baby?

For starters, Miss Virginia Grey is a large baby! (Sorry: “mature”) She is 32″ tall and just shy of 26lbs – she loves watermelon, cantaloupe, macaroni and cheese and small dogs (to look at, not eat). She has also just discovered dancing and boogies to her Mozart micro boom box or claps along to whatever we have on the stereo. I don’t need to tell you it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen – but I will. MAN! Video will follow.

I have put up a few more clips fairly recently, if you’re interested…


One response to “Long time no blog!

  1. This baby is the best baby!

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