Wood is cool.

The oceans are mashed now, so that leaves trees as the “coolest nature thing.” Below, three examples of wood’s wonder.

Paddle Wheel Boat -$20

It’s non-toxic, eco-friendly, and yes, really works. Twist the wheel several times, and watch as the boat scoots several feet across the water. Whoo! From North Star Toys.

Wooden camera - $23

They also make this awesome camera which I am tempted to get for myself and just wear as a necklace.

Beaver Family - $44

Mike and I watched a documentary about beavers (I believe it was called ‘Beavers’ and it is available on Netflix instant) and they truly are the BEST ANIMAL. They accomplish so much!! Every school’s mascot should be a beaver! Even girls’ schools – damn the consequences!
Anyway, these particular beavers are handmade in Canada (surprise) by Jalu Wood toys.


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