The littlest zombie

Virginia took her first couple of steps on May 8th- just in time for Mother’s Day, and now can take about 10 of them before falling on her butt or occasionally doing a face plant.

In honor of this milestone, we decided it was time to get the bulu her first pair of shoes. Mike, my mom, myself, the young bulu, and our friend Jelena all went over to The Shoe Garden, a wonderful children’s shoe store at 10th and Waverly to see what they had available. (Sadly they are closing their doors soon so stop in for some discounted sandals and sneaks)

After trying on a few pairs of velcro sandals we selected some sturdy leather Eccos. Virginia’s foot has a great deal of …verticality to it. That is to say, it sort of resembles a giant marshmallow – so we needed something that was expandable across the top of her foot as well as at the ankle. The best part about her new shoes is she doesn’t try to immediately remove them the way she does with her socks!

Once home we let her test out her new shoes. She took a few steps with her arms stretched out before her as Mike cried, “BRAINNNNS BRAINNNNS!!”

Love that baby! Oh – one more thing- we tried french toast today. Fail.


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