confetti, pom poms, candles, sprinkles…

I’ve got baby birthday goodies on the brain, so allow me to braindump onto my blog for a minute…

Tassel Garland from Confetti System - $125

This inventive garland made from tissue and mylar is AWESOME. With a little time on your hands, some colorful supplies and skillful fingers you could probably come close to replicating this at home if paying $125 for a garland seems steep.

ConfettiSystem also makes these modern, geometrical confetti filled pinatas.

Meteorite pinata - $135

All products are made by hand in NYC – an expensive place to live- so check them out!

Pick Your Colors Three Pom Set - $12

Of course, everybody knows it ain’t a party ’til the tissue poms are up!

Cake Slice Birthday Card - $4

A pretty birthday card from Sass & Peril.

12 Fondant Cupcake Toppers - $7.95

12 pink elephants - $6.95

Okay- anybody that has ever worked with fondant knows that it can be a real pain in the buttcheeks so the fact that you can just plop these bad boys on top of homemade cupcakes to make them look like a million bucks? GENIUS!

Nesting Baby-Bluebird Cupcakes

Tiniest Birthday Cake

Then again, who can argue with these from-scratch showstoppers from Ms. Martha Stewart?

Decisions! Decisions!

Another way to spruce up cupcakes? Cool liners!

Assorted Tulip Cupcake Liners (45) - $4.25

and kookie candles…

20 stripey candles - $4

And what to wear??

Pale Pink Smocked Toddler Dress - $100

Turquoise Bishop Smocked Birthday Dress - $55

Terry Cloth Bib with Happy Birthday Applique - $20

Vintage Childs Lace Organdy Pinafore - $34

Provided of course you don’t mind any of the above getting covered in frosting…


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