New Food Challenge

Virginia has passed the 11 month mark and is closing in on being a YEAR OLD (with her mom no closer to figuring out her party. Note to self: WORK ON THIS TODAY!!) In addition to getting cuter and smarter with every passing day, the bug also yearns to experience new tastes (or, perhaps more appropriately, *I* yearn on her behalf)

So far we have tried:
-scrambled eggs with shredded cheese (No thank you!)
-pancakes (these are fun to squish and throw on the floor!)
-scrambled eggs without cheese (Nope!)
-shredded cheese (This might have legs. But it also looks great all over the floor)
-crumbled up veggie sausages (Nuh-uh. Only when they are in teensy pieces, hidden in vegetable puree)
-hummus (get out of here with this stuff!)

I can not raise a child that only wants to eat cheerios, right?

Now, if the yogurt experience taught me anything it’s that baby tastebuds are an inscrutable, ever-evolving thing that demand patience, repetition and sometimes trickery. I will keep trying all of the above until she likes one of those things dammit! Honestly! Who doesn’t love pancakes??? She is MY daughter afterall – I know- I saw her come out!

But what to try next? Lentils? tofu? mac ‘n’ cheese? This intrepid mom intends to uncover the Holy Grail (of food!)


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