Mother’s Day approaches!

Oh what to get for the mom who has everything… ? Or what to ask for if you, like me, will be celebrating your first Mother’s Day this year! Here are some recent Etsy faves…

Sailor Tote - $33

Custom Silhouette Plate - $35

Personalized Bunny Pendant - $48

Handknotted genuine pearl necklace - $105

Vintage tin rose napkin rings (6) - $10.99

Ivory Spring Coat - $72

Double Sweetness sash - $23

Clearly I want to live my life as an enormous 6yr old.


2 responses to “Mother’s Day approaches!

  1. great, great finds EBM. i love etsy + i love your style.

  2. Love that tote!

    Having cats does not a mom make but sometimes I get a greeting card from them which is very suspiciously in Jordan’s handwriting.

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