Nine. Times.

Nine TIMES that little bulu threw up last night.

Miss Virginia is a strong, healthy, happy baby so I was very concerned and confused when I heard her heave an hour or 2 after going to sleep. I told Mike to go in and check on her. “She’s fiiiine!,” he said. “Please just go check on her?” As Mike went into to look at her I asked “did she barf?” and I heard him laugh and then pause before saying, “She did. How did you know that?”

Because I am a MOTHER and I have supersonic babytrouble detection ears. The poor bug had vomited in her crib and looked like a pale noodle when she was handed over to me so Mike could deal with the damage. “I’m afraid Sandwich Cat didn’t make it.” This is the first time anything like this has ever happened and I have to admit I was TERRIFIED. Instantly my mind is flashing through- what did she eat? What did she find on the floor and swallow when I wasn’t looking? Was it white beans? Can you be allergic to beans? Is it botulism? What’s the number for poison control? Is she hot? She’s not hot. At least she’s not crying. Wait, why isn’t she crying? Why are her lips beige? How many more times will she throw up? I need to google this. Should we call 911?”

Ohhhh, she threw up on our bed, and then on a Marc Jacobs beach towel, then on another towel, then on the bedroom floor, then on the already-barfed-on duvet, then on the floor again, then on one of those towels again, and so on. We wiped her face and washed her hands and arms and cleaned the vomit from her hair and sweet little face as we waited for the pediatrician to respond to our page. His advice was pragmatic: babies barf. Get some pedialyte. If she is still throwing up after 8 or 12 hours, call me.

I curled up with her in a nest of partially-compromised duvet on the floor and tried to get her to rest. She conked out while Mike was out buying Pedialyte, and after a few more wake, gag, spew episodes she seemed positively upbeat and giggly. “Sleeping” on the floor was getting mighty uncomfortable for me so around 2am we moved the bug in between us on the bed where she thankfully took a couple ounces of the Pedialyte, slept, and didn’t throw up again. Phew! This morning she awoke, chatty, rosy and hungry for breakfast. Our supernanny, Patti, made her some fresh mashed banana over oatmeal before going out for a nice stroll in the sun. She feels a little warm but at least the worst is over.

I’m sure by the time she’s five and this has happened many times over, I’ll be used to it; but the first is always so scary.


2 responses to “Nine. Times.

  1. Oh my! I hope she is feeling better. I would have freaked and called mom!

  2. oh dear. that sounds positively horrible. i’m glad she’s smiling again. how did you function the next day?

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