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Virginia had a busy weekend exploring various parts of Manhattan and Queens from the comfort of her Vista or baby backpack. On Saturday, Mike and I took her on the long stroll from Sunnyside to LIC, through the sparsely populated and slightly trecherous terrain between those two neighborhoods, wherein the nug decided to throw caution to the wind and sneakily discard both her left sock and her brand new sunglasses. “I’m FWEEEEE!!!,” she widged. On the way home she did the same with her hat but thankfully I noticed before we had gone too far and walked back across a broken glass-strewn vacant lot and halfway onto the Pulaski bridge to retrieve it. Oh that mischievous bug!

About to eat a DVD

I am my own baby!

For Easter Sunday we had lunch at Angelica Kitchen on 12th st. Since all the food is vegan and delish, I figured the bulu-san could enjoy some new things. I let her try some mashed potatoes with brown rice gravy, some hummus, and my cauliflower soup. She made her “this is weird” face for all three but seemed to enjoy licking my ice cream cone from Lula’s Sweet Apothecary later on. She is still really vibin’ on cheerios and arrowroot cookies for the time being.

Other favorite things? So glad you asked! In order of appreciation:
1. Blackberry Curve. It has a rubberized back and sides that she loves to chew on. She also likes to squeeze the keys and screen as hard as she can with both hands while clenching her jaw.

2. Paper / paper products. She loves sheets of copy paper, newspapers and magazines, postcards grown-up books, baby board books, tags on clothing… It all ends up in her mouth, and occasionally (sorry for TMI) in her poo (according to Mike) We don’t let her have “grown up paper” anymore (she gave herself a nasty papercut) but we can’t really keep her own books away from her so we’ll just swap them out as they begin to disintegrate. At my mom’s place she has these two playing cards that she holds while we change her diaper (to distract her) but after we’re done she refuses to give them up and will go about her business never letting the cards out of her grip. Literally. Hours. Tap, tap, scrape….tap, tap, scrape… She crawls with them, picks herself up and cruises along the length of the couch with them, etc. I think she believes that if she lets them go we will take them away for good. She’s not going to let that happen.

3. Cheerios. All problems can be solved with a “little o!”

4. The VCR. Typical. She likes to stick her whole hand in the flap.


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