Mean streak

Sometimes I just CANNOT control myself on these mom forums. Like today there was this question from ‘Jessica L.’:

My sister’s baby boy is due this June and she is having a hard time coming up with a name. She already has four boys, Talon, Kaden, Kimbal, and Kanoah. Any suggestions for a name that will go with these?

First of all, I never really get it when people ask the internet “Is this a good name?” (invariably, it isn’t) but it’s such a personal thing that random ideation from strangers seems useless.

Regardless, I could not let it go. I thought about responding with, “How about something that is actually a name?” but instead wrote, “What about Tylenol?”



2 responses to “Mean streak

  1. I vote for Triscuit, Kashew, Kangol or Kasha.

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