The work is not over

Virginia and daddy

Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? I hate moving. Well, I like the planning part, and the paint colors part and shopping and decorating parts…but am not so keen on the physical labor, stuff everywhere, oh-wait-i-didn’t-notice-how-terrible/non-functional the drain/kitchen cabinets/bathroom lights/towels bars are… dah! It’s like the money pit over here…

Anyway- the worst is over, now we’re just deciding where some bigger stuff should go, unpacking boxes and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I got one of those ‘Steam Shark’ things. So far it seems pretty awesome – like all things ordered from infomercials should be. If it can break down the crud on the range top and on top of the kitchen cabinets it will take the gold.

Shark Steam Pocket system pictured with about 1/10th of its included attachments

In baby news: The bug alternates between sleeping the whole night through in her new room and waking up 7+ times a night to destroy her parents sanity. She is teething pretty seriously and currently has a wicked diaper rash, yet remains as jolly as ever. She’s very silly and never stops moving. The nug!!


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