We had a good run…

Zut alors! After 18 months of freedom, the menstual noose has once again taken hold- with NO WARNING. TMI? Sorry.

It’s fun working with so many women now who are either new moms, or pregnant because we just talk about our guts, and boobs, and uteruses and birth control and nursing and baby sleep patterns and stuff all day. I’m sure it is driving the male portion of the workforce a bit bonkers but they too have had a good run with their blah blah fantasy football / republican stuff / meat-eating / bathroom humor… so we’re even?

Dianna and Courtney are about to BLOW! Dianna is due in 10 days, Court in 24. Tomorrow is the deadline for guessing when they will actually make it happen. (I guessed little Jane’s arrival pretty accurately and took home about $250!) I have been sniffing around asking if they are doing anything to help the process along so as to fine tune my guesses. I can’t decide if this is cheating or not, but I have been told it’s more like “research.”

In baby news: Virginia is CRUISING! Crawled on Saturday, cruised on Sunday? or Monday? And chatting! She likes to stand up and squawk at the windows or her stuffed animals. She favors words that begin with ‘d’ but also likes to squeak, screech and blow rasberries of various sizes and lengths. She also LOVES being imitated. She truly understands that it is the sincerest form of flattery.


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