Rock me, baby

We’re moving so soon! I’m getting pretty excited to let my consumer instincts explode all over our new abode! I’ve already ordered the living room rug, paint samples, shade fabric samples, extra crib bedding, home office accessories from the Muji store, bought new All Clad from Williams-Sonoma…

Mike recently compared me to a mall walker, since every night I “go to the mall” – albeit on the couch. He may have been trying to hurt my feelings but when someone basically tells you, “All you ever do is something you really enjoy!” it’s hardly offensive, you know? So fuck ‘im.

ANNNYYYWAYYY — I’m obviously thinking about the widgie’s room constantly and that includes pint-sized furniture and playthings. Dig the above rocker!

Deets: Designed by Björn Dahlström and available in either red or black. Made in wood/MDF. Seat height 12″. From 12 month of age. $165. Schwing!


One response to “Rock me, baby

  1. Don’t be such a sensi-puss! You know I love your mallwalks.

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