Can you hear me?

Our friend Whitney came in from Santa Barbara to visit! She is pregnant with twin boys and the nug was eager to connect with them…

I wonder if babies really are aware of other “new life”…I think they must be. Even when kids are nearby (in a restaurant, on the subway, etc) Virginia is captivated by them. She doesn’t want to let them out of her sight. She can tell they are ‘phase 2’ whereas the adults in her life as something else entirely – caregivers, teachers, problem-solvers. It’s neat.

Virginia with Morgan

Morgan was there too and worked her magic when Virginia got fussy around lunchtime. I had brought a bottle but not any food for her. Can’t wait until the Cheerios stage…

Whitney, nug, me, Morgan, Helena and Joelle

Thanks to Joelle for hosting a yummy breakfast for us all!


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