Baby explosion!

Last night was the double baby shower for 2 of my coworker pals whose due dates are within TWO WEEKS of each other!

Dianna and Courtney make their grand entrance

The rest of us girls were excited to see them come in as they were not only the guests of honor, but it meant we could now dig in to the delicious bounty of FOOD that had been tantilizing us for, well… MINUTES!

Delicious food & hanging puffballs: shower requisites

Dianna is having a BOY!

When Dianna grabbed my pile I realized they looked a lot like Hannukah gifts. Oops? Whatevs – pacifiers and miracle blankets and sleep sacks- gooooooodnight!

Courtney is having a ....??

Is it obnoxious to get a woman who decided not to learn the gender of her child a seersucker dress with bunnies on it? Clearly, I do not think so. Courtney’s got two WONDERFUL boys at home, so this was just a little bit of wishful ideation. However, if she has another boy, he’ll be an adorable little lovebug who Virginia can date when I think she is old enough to cope with boys (25? 27?)

Dianna and Courtney received a mountain of gifts! The rest of us played shower bingo and I still managed to lose despite having a baby 10 seconds ago. I couldn’t think of more than 4 things a baby needs? Duh.


We let a guy take this photo so it’s blurry – but you get the idea.

All this fun meant that Mike got to have some father/daughter time with Virginia, who was, by the time I got home, asleep in her NEW CRIB in the foyer (which is where it will live until we move next month) I am so glad she loves her crib and took to it immediately. I am, admittedly, also *very* pleased with myself for actually (successfully) MAKING her bedding. I’ll have to photograph that business and show you (aka: mom, cousins)


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