China stops using lead, starts using CADMIUM? Aye yai yai

Personally, I try my best to avoid EVER buying anything made in China for Virginia, but gifts from well-meaning family and friends creep into my life and at risk of seeming ungrateful I incorporate them into V’s toy realm.

New policy: Fuck that. Also, note to would-be gift-givers: Here are some places you can buy toys NOT made in China …

NMC Toys (I think the NMC even stands for NOT MADE in CHINA – so that’s handy)

Greenleaf Dollhouses

Louisville Sluggers — still made in the USA!

Select toys from Little Tikes
Like this guy

Scale Models Toys

and a whole bunch more on this list!


One response to “EFF CHINA

  1. Duly noted.

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