Mr. Cheeeeps!

The nuggie has a lot of treasured toys but her favorite thing of all is a crunchy little yellow bear that came as part of a family that lives inside a Dick Bruna soft house. Because he is yellow and makes a crunchy sound, we started calling him ‘potato chips’ and finally Mr. Chips, as this sounds fancier and shows more deference.

The baby examines Mr. Chips in the Porter Lounge in Toronto, Sophie the giraffe takes a break

Mr. Chips is chewable, pinchable, and fantastically portable- which makes him the best travelling companion as I can put him in my pocket and whip him out at any time for instant nuggie entertainment. He has flown to Toronto, travelled by car to New Jersey on several occasions, and by subway on countless ones.

See the nug enjoy him in REAL TIME –> here.

You put up with a lot from my baby, so here’s to you, Mr. Chips!

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