My boobs have gone back to being “merely for decorative purposes” once more – a little worse for the wear. The weaning process was made really easy since the nug pretty much just lost interest soon after she started eating and got better at sitting up. I’d try to nurse her in my lap and she would keep sitting up and checking on her toys, as my milk squirted into her ear.

So it became a night thing.

She was cool with us nursing while lying down, facing each other, but no longer wanted to be held while doing it. My milk supply dwindled and soon became too pathetic to knock out even her middle of the night hunger; so now I am up at 2am, warming a bottle for her to guzzle before returning to sleep. C’est la vie. She is almost 7 months old. I feel like we had a pretty good run.

Toys win out over me

Most of all I am thrilled to no longer have to pump at work! Oh and I can pick up where I left off with that crystal meth habit. Doh!


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