MTV Cribs

Innocent-looking mini-human

Okay. We need to stop the madness. That baby is a thrashing, scratching, wiggling ball of needs and desires with legs! She needs her own crib YESTERDAY! If you were to ask, “How many times did she wake up last night?” I wouldn’t even be able to tell you. What is a time? What is a protracted inability for either of us to fall asleep? What is sleep? What wha whhaaa (zzzzzzz) …??

The fabric finally came for her bedding so it’s time to straddle the ambition bull and test my sewing skills!

Dream on Me crib in white

That’s the crib I will be ordering in the next 10 minutes. It’s cheap in case she hates it, which I hope she doesn’t since mama and papa need some BLOODY REST!! I mean, to be fair, we’re clearly disturbing her sleep with our giant lumbering bodies as much as she is disturbing ours. A queen sized bed just isn’t made for 3.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

In other news: tomorrow the widgie is SIX MONTHS OLD!! A half year with Virginia! Wouldn’t trade a day of it. She is like watching one of those time-lapse movies of a strawberry going from tiny green bud to plump, juicy red berry but in human genius form. It’s so cool to watch a baby put all the pieces of the puzzle together right before your eyes. Wow. More on that later.


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