Sprout a tooth already, girl!

This baby is KICKING MY ASS. Seriously.

I was totally a cartoon of an overtired mother this morning, all pouring boiling water in the cereal bowl and milk over my International Foods brand instant coffee granules. The baby is now back on some newborn style waking-5-times-a-night tip. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with proximity- we probably wouldn’t be so quick to respond to her every groan and whimper if she weren’t positioned 3mm from each of our ears, and she probably wouldn’t wake up as much if she weren’t nose-deep in the intoxicating aroma of breastmilk.

As soon as she fell asleep last night Mike and I were all over the baby websites, hunting for a crib. The other two parts of our plan involve getting a piece of memory foam custom-sized at Economy Foam, and flannel sheets made by some crafty Etsy type to further simulate our bed. We will also sleep on top of those sheets so they smell sufficiently parental. And no, I’m not worried about the baby smothering herself into the memory foam – just like I am not worried about the drop-side rail on the crib I am about to buy. Why? Because I know how to assemble simple furniture. That, and Virginia is a hulk who can hulk herself out of any situation.

Should the idea of customizing your baby sleep situation appeal to you as well, here are some people that can make it happen for you:

Custom Crib Bedding from Rocky Top Design on Etsy

You can pick your pieces (sheets, bumper, quilt, skirt or all of the above), pick your fabrics, pick which prints go where, pay, and voila- the bedding scenario of your dreams, from the comfort of your own home.

TipToe Design also makes custom bedding sets and quilts (using lots of awesome Amy Butler fabrics)

Quilt, bumper, sheet and skirt from Tip Toe Design

But do they have FLANNEL? Perhaps I could provide some of my own… like the stuff pictured below from fabric.com

'To the Rescue' $8.98 per yard

Winter Woven Plaid - $7.98 per yard

Celery plaid - $7.98 per yard

DUH. $8.38 per yard

Bear Lake (Walnut) - $8.38 per yard

Lavender Plaid - $7.98 per yard

So many options!

Peep ya later.


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  1. DUH! DUH! DUH!

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