Mustela me softly

I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much I like taking a bath with Virginia, or even helping wash her hair while Mike takes a bath with her. She is just learning how to splash and it’s fun to hold her behind the shoulders, tip her back and let her “float” on her back. She is scared at first and tries to sit up but then she relaxes and realizes we’re not going to let her go. Her remaining baby hairs form a swirling little aura around her head and she smiles as we glide her around the tub.

I love her being a baby.

I had a funny conversation with Gavin from My Dad Homies last night wherein he basically said, “Anything under a year is shit. Everything after one year is an orgasm.”
me: “Aww, I love looking at her tiny legs and biting her face…”
Gavin: “I’m glad you’re able to find some joy in that.”

(His kids are 1+ and 3)

Anyhoooo- I do. I do find joy in it. I’ll be stoked when she walks and talks though. Bring it on.


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