Jungle Action

Sometimes I see toys for kids today and I get sad because they are usually TV tie-in blobs of plastic or poorly made, overly-complicated gadgets that capture a child’s interest for less than the time it takes to figure out how to operate them. Speak’n’Spell is about as “high tech” as something for a kid needs to get (am I the only one that would try to make it say “S.H.I.T.”?)! That said, there seems to be a whole crop of awesome stuff out there too (Plan Toys, anything sold at Enchanted or Acorn) …and THIS THING:

Wow! I mean, maybe a kid would be like, “this whole thing sucks”, but I know I would have fun making that water bucket go up and down and exploring the “5 levels and foliage too!”

The Tree House play set from Melissa & Doug is available at Target, and if you’re a minisocial member, it’s being offered on there right now for about $107.


One response to “Jungle Action

  1. ebeth! i love your baby blog and am so happy for you! congrats!!

    also, these 2 little girls i used to nanny have this tree house and they do love it, although i can tell you i love making the water bucket move up and down more than they do. xoxo

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