Daily Archives: November 9, 2009

She’s all that

A few days ago the widge learned to roll over from her back to her stomach and now that she doesn’t have to sleep on her back, she doesn’t want to. She instantly flips to her side and then all the way over and howls into the mattress. Doesn’t want the pacifier, doesn’t want to be sung to, read to, hushed, shushed, or flipped over. It’s a little weird to see her cry before sleep so hard after almost 5 months of easy put downs, but once she is out she seems to be getting some quality rest.

Sometimes she wakes herself up after only an hour and howls some more but I am trying to NOT feed her before 5am at the earliest, as it’s important (for both of us) that she learn that daytime is for eating, nighttime is for sleeping. So usually, if she howls at 2 or 3, we just move her into the bed with us, give her her pacifier for a minute and she is OUT. I know, I know, this is probably not the best habit to get into either, but I love sleeping beside her and most of all, I love sleeping.

I think she is getting ready to sprout teeth and that is causing her some amount of pain- she is CONSTANTLY grabbing at anything to put in her mouth. If I put her on the bed for a minute, I turn to find her commiting aggravated assault on a pair of boxer shorts – anytime I hold her a fistful of hair finds its way into her gaping maw. Ditto for dolls, rattles, her hands, the sleeves of her shirts as I put them on…

And she is GROWING! I just spoke with our nanny, Patti, who introduced some yellow squash I made with the Beaba Babycook last night (without burning myself, thankfully). The verdict? Loved it. Ate it all and asked for more.

What a champ.