First solids!

An emotional week in Babyville- the nuggie’s last day at daycare was Thursday. I ended up keeping her home because her cough sounded bad, but we went in at the end of the day to pick up her things and say goodbye. Her teacher Miss Tutu gave her lots of kisses. I cried. My mom always said, “Motherhood breaks your heart.” She’s right…

Then on Friday we started SOLIDS! I mean, “solids” is a bit misleading – more like viscous liquid. We filmed ourselves giving Virginia her first tastes of rice cereal. She started out pretty suspicious, letting the warm goo dribble down her chin onto the plastic bib, squeezing it out of her mouth as she analyzed the texture. Once evaluated, she would learn over the spoon and try to inhale its contents.

Now, on Day 3 she seems to know what it is at least, and a little bit more of the stuff is getting inside her and not just inside the catch-all pocket of the bib.

I’ll share the video soon so you can really follow along at home.

Today, I busted out the Beaba Babycook to prepare some food for her next taste experience: carrots!

The machine is pretty cool in that it’s small, the pieces are few, logically labeled, and smartly designed, and that the unit both steams and purees fruits and vegetables into healthy, fresh, affordable babyfood. They don’t tell you (or maybe they do; I lost the manual) that the thing gets so F%$#@n hot that if a finger so much as grazes the surface of the steaming bin during use that finger will turn red, blister and the general vicinity will be aggravated by temperature and touch.

But whatever- I managed to finish making my carrot and breast milk mush and maneuver the stuff into these 1oz freezer cubes. It was fun! I just want to fill the freezer with thousands of food cubes now.

Okay! Time to pay attention to my husband. Bye!


One response to “First solids!

  1. I got one of these too, I can’t wait to use it! I’m horrible in the kitchen so this seems like the best way to go, haha.

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