Good things, small packages…

Today Mike and I took the nug out to Flushing Meadows park in Queens. I had tickets to a friend’s play at the Queens Theater in the Park and Mike was just going to stroll around the park with V, and maybe check out the Queens Museum next door.

Riding the 7 train out to the park, ours was one of 4 strollers in the car. 3 were occupied by babies or small children and the 4th was like a zombie stroller- a dirty Graco stuffed with junk and held together in places with duct tape, protected by a plastic rain shield. Mike and I agreed it’s really rather depressing / gross to see a childless stroller used like that. Get a cart or something- but don’t use a stroller. You know?

What else… oh! The widge got her second dose of Pentacil, Rota, and um… one other thing on Friday, weighed in at an astounding 18 lbs 10 oz., and is going to start getting mushy foods stuffed into her face next weekend. The doctor also encouraged me to try to eliminate at least one of her night feedings, saying she is fully capable of sleeping through the night and will drink the same amount of milk in a 24hr period regardless. It’s hard though – until we move to a 2 bedroom the widge will continue to sleep immediately to my left in her co-sleeper, making it heard to ignore her nocturnal stirring.

AND -My coworker and pal Jill had her baby! A beautiful little girl named Jane – born October 21st at 6:58pm – making *me* the winner of the office ‘baby pool’ (I swear that Jane and I were not in communication on this.)

For some reason, throughout Jill’s pregnancy I was completely convinced she was having a boy- like 100% sure – despite having no evidence, obviously. So not only was I so excited to hear the news of the wee one’s arrival (Jill had planned on a natural birth at the Roosevelt Birthing Center where Virginia was born but ended up with an induction and an epidural, and was no doubt just eager to meet her baby already!) but shocked to hear that it was what? a GIRL? I went to bed smiling. Another plus is that Virginia’s once-worn or NEVER worn dresses and onesies can have a second chance.

Adorable!! So thrilled for her.

And now, I am going to select my and Virginia’s outfits for tomorrow, brush my teeth and crawl into bed. I pulled out the flannel sheets last week and put them on the bed. How great are flannel sheets? They make it nearly impossible to get up in the morning.


One response to “Good things, small packages…

  1. hiiii! thanks for the www-love. we are loving this little bundle and all of her funny faces. also i think its fantastic you won the baby pool. i hope you spent some of that cash on something ridiculously cute for v.


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