Naptime for Nugglebirds

I am on the M60, on my way into Manhattan to participate, along with some co-workers, in the breast cancer walk in Central Park. My plan was to bring the widgie in her stroller as well and I didn’t really think much of it when the forecast promised rain for the entire weekend.
I thought I’d head to my mom’s place around around 7:30, so I could use her lightweight MacLaren and leave my bulky Vista at home. Then I would make my way up and across town with stroller and babe.
Only hearing my mom say, “You’re going to go completely out of your way at 7am to pick up a stoller you’ll have to carry by yourself up and down 5 flights of stairs so you can take your baby, who has a bad cough, for a 3 hour walk in the cold and damp?”

Oh. Hmmm…

Yeah. I guess that wasn’t really the hottest idea, huh? Sometimes my ambition to be an amazing mom outstrips my capacity for logic.


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